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Multilingual Video conferencing

Multilingualism of an event with participants onsite or online usually involves extensive preparation work.

This is not the case with Virtin. The solution can be flexibly deployed both onsite and online, and even in combination of both event versions, while providing a consistent user interface and functionality. Basically, the complete configuration and setup of an event is done via the central administrator screen of the Virtin solution.

For onsite events, all interpreter-specific equipment, preparation tasks and costs are eliminated, as Virtin does not require interpreter booths, special simultaneous equipment, a trained technician or onsite headphones. In all cases, the interpreters are not onsite, which eliminates extensive travel and accommodation costs. 

Virtin handles the transmission of the original image and original audio to the virtual interpreter booths, and then transmits the original video and audio of the interpreters to the audience’s mobile devices. The use of Dolby® technology ensures crystal clear sound and uninterrupted transmission. 


Virtin eliminates the need for the onsite interpreting booth and replaces it with a “virtual cabin”. it’s therefore the ideal solution for both whispered and simultaneous interpreters. Due to the flexibility and total portability of the cloud-based Virtin solution, simultaneous and whispered interpreters can be used in all types of situations. 

Multilingual communication can be ensured by different solutions, depending on how many people are involved and the room conditions. 

The liaison interpreter, for example, is also called a consecutive interpreter. In a conversation between two people, the liaison interpreter translates the sentences of the interlocutors whenever they have finished speaking a sentence. It’s relatively time-consuming definitely doesn’t contribute to a lively conversation culture. 

Whispering is another type of interpreting. In this case, an interpreter sits next to a person and whispers the translation simultaneously, virtually, into the recipient’s ear. However, the physical presence of the interpreter can be disruptive in a conference room, and communication problems can arise because the whisper interpreter has to speak very softly. 

In simultaneous or conference interpreting, the interpreter sits in a separate room or in a soundproof booth in the conference room. In this case, the interpreter translates the spoken text directly into the target language. In other words, he or she begins speaking while still listening to the speaker of the original language. This type of interpreting requires extensive training and many years of practice. 

A word about conference interpreters 

Simultaneous interpreters are professionals with many years of training, who usually specialize not only in certain language combinations but also in their own fields (medicine, law, technology, etc.). Virtin has many partnerships with specialist interpreters and agencies, so that the right combination of language and specialist field can be supplied for every event. 

Given their high level of specialization, simultaneous interpreters or conference interpreters are booked on a medium to long-term basis and cancellation is usually not possible once they have been booked. Moreover, the concentration and attention of simultaneous interpreters decreases significantly after half an hour at the latest. So, for longer assignments (more than 45 minutes) it’s essential to use two interpreters at the same time. 

The cost of an interpreter averages 650 euros per day, although surcharges and discounts are possible depending on the subject area, language and preparation time. Generally, two interpreters per language pair should be provided for any event or assignment lasting more than 30 minutes. 


As a comprehensive language service provider, Virtin offers not only interpreting and technical services related to languages but also translations to and from all languages of the world.

The quantum leap in machine translation over the past five or ten years has led to a complete reorientation of translation services. In this context, the combination of machine translation and revision by specialist translators, as well as terminology work, is increasingly important.

Our service is backed by decades of experience as embodied by Virtin’s founders, a global network of local translation agencies and a large database of freelance translators of all specializations and language combinations.

Virtin is breaking new ground in this field, offering a flexible translation process adapted to the client’s specific needs, focusing more and more on quality assurance and the highest-quality revision of sensitive (medicine, pharmacology, public administration) and demanding (marketing, advertising, corporate presentation) texts. 

This is how we have managed to keep our translation prices for the customer stable over the past 15 years. 

Virtin specializes in the following areas: 

  • Corporate communications (marketing, advertising, personnel, training, webinars) 
  • Technology (manuals, technical tenders, specifications) 
  • Law and public administration (contracts, laws, data-protection regulations) 
  • Medicine (patient reports, questionnaires, manuals for medical equipment and software, etc.) 
  • Information technology (software, websites, white papers, blogs) 

All translations are handled according to the “four eyes” principle. The billing basis is the number of words of the source language and prices range from €0.14 per word up to €0.40, depending on the language and subject area. Special arrangements can be made for large volumes, “for information only” texts and regular, plannable order volumes. 


Related Services

Virtin offers all personal and technical services related to multilingual communication. 

Our focus, however, remains the customer and his or her needs and requirements. 

For example, in the case of interpreting services, we offer technical monitoring, set-up and post-processing (video and audio editing), as well as the deployment of onsite technicians or the training of clerks at our clients’ premises.  

We are happy to provide well-trained moderators if you’re organizing a large event with several languages and working groups. We take care of the planning and management so that you can concentrate on other tasks. 

In the translation context, we use cloud server systems for machine-assisted translation and thus establish a multilingual archive of our customers’ documentation. We also work with diverse translation technologies, which we apply according to the language combination and subject area. 

We integrate our customers’ terminology databases or create such for them. Thus, we enable our customers to make a gradual transition to high-quality, machine-aided translations, particularly in the technical realm.