How it works

A key aspect of Virtin’s user experience is its platform-agnostic design.

“The modular setup enables cross-plattform communication - everywhere.”

– Joseph, CEO

Our software is driven by a clear Virtin vision that everybody should be able to speak in their own language and still be understood by everybody.

Choose which device works best for you. No installation is necessary.  For this purpose, we have developed a platform that is designed to ensure the integration of interpreters at conferences, meetings, presentations and other events in a simple, cost-effective and hassle-free manner.

Listen to your event in any language

The Virtin system picks up the audio input and transmits it in different language channels to your audience. This works in the plenum and also in breakout rooms.

Virtin does not require booths, special equipment, or installations in the conference hall. The translation is available on-site and online at the same time via remote interpreters.

Additionally, the spoken text can be displayed on monitors. The audience is also given access via their own mobile devices. This guarantees flexibility and independence for any event.


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