Frequently Asked Questions

General questions:

For organizers:

What do I need to access Virtin?

Since our platform is completely browser-based there is no need to download or install any software or app. Accesing Virtin is very simple:
1. Speakers and interpreters can access through an invitation sent via email
2. listeners can acces through a link or QR code”

What is remote simultaneous interpretation?
Where is simultaneous interpretation used?

Simultaneous interpretation can be used in any setting where language barriers exist. Events of any size and type. and with Virtin, also in any location, whether they’re online, in person or hybrid.

Can I test how Virtin works?

Please get in touch with us at to schedule a short demo.

Where is Virtin based?

Our international team is located in various countries around Europe, and our HQs are located in Vienna, Austria.

How much does remote simultaneous interpretation cost?

Remote simultaneous interpretation is customized to the needs of each event, therefore, our prices are also tailored to fit your needs. Please get in touch with our team at for more info

Do you provide interpreters?

Yes, we work with a growing network of professional interpreters around the world.

How fast can you organize a multilingual event?

We can create your next event almost instantly. But due to the availability of our interpreters we recommend to prepare the event at least (?) days in advance

Can I also use Virtin if I work with my own interpreters?
Yes, your interpreters can easily on-board onto Virtin and access your next event
Do you offer technical support?
Yes, each event is supervised by our experienced team, which will be able to assist you and the interpreters
Can I have a Logo or image appear on my session/event on Virtin?
Yes, you can provide us with any image, logo and text you would like to display on your event

For speakers & listeners:

How can I join a session/event as a speaker?

You will receive an invitation via email, and by simply logging you will be able to join the session

Which devices can I use to listen to interpretation?

You can listen to any interpretation provided by Virtin in any smartphone or PC

How can I access a session/event as a listener?

You can access the event through a link or QR code provided by the organizer of the event

How do I choose my preferred language?

When entering asession/event you will see a drop-down menu that will show you which language you are currently listening to, and where you will be able to choose your preferred language to listen to



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